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NGD - Historic Les Paul R0


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Only two things wrong with that, the knobs and the fact that it isn't mine! LOL


Nah,reflectors (the proper mirror finished ones) are dead cool.


Have you popped the pups out yet? There might be a finish code in one of the cavities...IT=Iced Tea etc.


It's a beautiful thing,enjoy! :thu:

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Beautiful guitar and that 60s neck is just so nice to play, very comfortable.:thu:


You will love the combination of comfort, balance, tone, and quality the R0 has.


I was lucky enough to grab a New 2008 G0 (plaintop version of the R0) before the price increase.:)



Sweet guitar, an R0 is high on my list of things I want to buy soon.

I think you'll get spoiled and
never like anything but
Custom Shop guitars from Gibson
after this, there is such a
huge difference
in them and the regular USA production line.


As an owner of 3 Custom Shop Gibsons (previously had 5) and 1 USA Gibson, yes there is a difference, but I wouldn't say " he will Never want a USA"


While the Custom Shops are higher quality and generally a much better guitar in my experience, if you find a really good USA there is not that much of a difference.


I have played some Les Paul Standards that came very close to Custom Shop quality.


Also, please don't buy a Custom Shop Gibson and expect it to play well right out of the box. All mine needed a pro set-up before I would even think of keeping them.


In comparison, all 3 of my Fenders (2 now) and my PRS, I returned my Am Std Strat, were set-up well right out of the box.


Gibsons, Custom Shop or USA, tend to need set-ups right away.



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I'm a newb I guess when it comes to Gibson - what does R0 mean? I see it a lot...R9, R0...what is that? Thanks

Edit: Oh and beautiful guitar, HNGD!


No worries, I didn't know myself until just a few weeks ago.


R0 = Reissue 1960

R9 = Reissue 1959


And so on......I'm sure someone might have a link to share with more specifics.


And thanks!!!

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