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Dual truss-rod adjustment question


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It might me a long story, but I feel I have to explain this in detail in order to get the right answer....


So I have an Agile Intrepid Dual Pro 8-string and it's a great guitar.

But i've been wrestling with setting it up properly to avoid fret buzz and get the best playability possible.

The whole thing started when I got some fret buzz on the 8th string (in F with an .80 elixir bass string wich I always use for my 8strings and they work great for F).

The fret buzz was mostly around the 3rd fret but especially around the 7th fret.

And the buzz is really noticeable with my sound wich has a lot of mid and high coming through the tube screamer.

It almost sounds like a resonating metallic thing, its not like bzzzzz but it actually has a note to it.

But I'm really sure that it is fret buzz and not something resonating.

So I just couldn't get it right myself by raising the action so I went to a local repair guy.

I talked to him about it, showed him the double truss rods and he told me that the rods work for each side of the neck.

So the left one is for adjusting the left side of the neck and the right one for the right side.

He told me that the side where the low F is should be a bit straighter even though the high Eb side was fine, so I should adjust only the low rod (left one I guess).

He didn't see any frets that needed to be levelled or anything.

So I got home and started the adjustments.

The fret buzz actually got less (I also raised the saddles a bit) but now the right side of the neck (higher strings) got too straight.

So the low F's action was now close to perfect but fret buzz started to happen on the 1st fret on the higher strings.

But the action on the low string isn't perfect yet, I would really like to lower it just a bit more, but the action on the high strings will definitely get worst.

I allready tried adjusting the right truss rod the other way to add more relief to the high side a little but it wouldn't really help yet....

Should I just keep going with the right rod to get the high side of the neck more relief? Or should I really be carefull with adjusting both rods individually against each other?

My logic tells me that I should keep going because I don't see any other way of getting the neck adjusted perfectly...

Sorry for the long story but my english isn't great and I wouldn't know how to tell this with less words.

Anyway, advice would be appreciated because I would hate to break the neck of the guitar.....


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