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Anyone own a magicjack? Mine rulez


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thirty or forty bucks and, as long as you have a "high speed" internet connection, your future phone calls are free!!! :thu::thu::thu:


I got mine 3 months ago and havent paid any $$$$ for phone service since. Its one of the only few things ive seen advertised that lives up to its hype.


Each year after your first year, it costs like $20 bucks. Big deal. $20 bucks for unlimited phone and voicemail service per year is crazy cheap!!!!!!!!


Since im pretty low-tech in general, I was thinking there was a few forumites who've bought or used the magicjack device...................


P.S. I would kick my own ass if i worked for magicjack or sold their wares so don't even go there:evil:

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