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Recommend me an easy to use recording software to just rec a guitar


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Could anybody recommend me an easy simple to use recording software


I want to recorrd direct off Axe-Fx standard and main recording (90%) will just my guitars(I want to record ahead and after pickup changes)

The remaining 10% are probably songs (one guitar,a bass and a backup track)


The computer is a Win7 64 bit Dual core 2,4 Ghz machine

A special sound card necessary(none yet internal or use Line 6 UX-1 as sound card-->but this is a lot of stuff then between Axe-Fx and a possible record)


No need to be free (but could be) main issue is easy to operate for an below semi professional computer guy(want to play guitar not make a doctor degree on informatics)


I have some free(bundeled) software(Riffworks Ableton7) which came with my Line 6 stuff but are linked somewhat to the Line 6 gear





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Audacity is great. I use it for what little recording I do. Just hook up your guitar to your computer/laptop through whatever means you have, tell it to record from that source and you're away.




I did this with just a cheap computer mic and Audacity. Not the best thing ever... crap tone, might redo it when my Strat project's complete... but, despite the {censored}tiness, I'm still pretty proud of it. The reverb in the solo is from Audacity, since I don't have any pedals yet.





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