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New guitar tomorrow (Thru-body), Questions on drop tuning/if adjustements are needed


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So tomorrow I will be buying a new guitar, a Jackson DKMGT. Here is the link Musician's Friend - Buy electric guitars, acoustic guitars, amplifiers, guitar effects online


So as you can see, its a thru body and my previous guitars have all been floyd roses. I've found that for the type of music I like and play (Death metal and then other heavy metal like Pantera) that a floyd rose isn't required except for the more Pantera-ish stuff. So a thru body looks great to me because it doesn't require the hassle like a Floyd Rose does with tuning and string changing etc etc.


Anyways, as soon as I get the guitar I will be scraping the standard strings and throwing on some heavier 11 gauges, and then down tuning to B Standard. Now, my question is (Since I don't have too much knowledge of your standard thru body style guitar as opposed to my knowledge of Floyd Roses) what exactly will I have to do to the guitar other than drop tune it? Will I have to mess with the truss rod at all like with the floyd rose, or should I be fine? Will I have to go through intonation adjustments etc etc?

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