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Can you identify my tuning machines?


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Sorry, no pics (the logo I'll describe couldn't be photographed), but they are chrome machines with chrome "Kidney" buttons, and they have a logo (hidden on the surface of the machine that rest against the back of the headstock) that looks kind of like the letter, "C" between the up-rights of a football goal-post (North American football).


The "goal-post" are noticeably wider at the bottom, than at the top. They might actually represent an entry gate to a compound (just a guess).


These tuners are off a 1999 DeArmond, S-65 (Made in Indonesia), so I guess it's safe to say that they are Asia in origin. They seemed to be 14:1 ratio, and they work fine. I was just curious to know who makes them.


Thanks in advance for your answers.

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HC = Harmony Central
lame i know


No, no, I think that you might be on to something. In fact, now I remember that this guitar was a one-off, hand-built promo for Harmony-Central, and is worth well into the six-figures! (darned middle-age memory loss)


So send your bids to:



C/O the California State Men's Penal Institution for the Criminally Neurotic

Victorville, CA

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