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I had an American Standard Stratocaster for a couple of months. I go to a lot of open mic's and since I started bringing the Strat people where raving about the sound of the guitar, but there where certain things that I did not like about it.


I did not like that if I kept the bridge floating, bending a string would pull the other strings flat.


I did not like the fact that putting the bridge flush or blocking it would take away from the tone.


I was having a bit of trouble hitting the switch by accident while strumming.


Anyway, I wound up trading the American Standard Stratocaster and my Fishman SoloAmp for an American Deluxe Telecaster. I liked the non floating bridge, and the switch not being in the way of my strumming. Once I got everything adjusted, the tone was very good, but not the same as the Strat.


I started bringing the Tele to open mic's and noticed that I was not getting the same reaction from people as I did with the Strat, so one night I asked a few people how the guitar sounded, and they said it sounded pretty good. One person said that they thought the Strat sounded a little fuller and sounded better with my voice and style than the Tele.


So, I returned the Tele and got an American Deluxe Stratocaster. It's not the 2010 model, but it was the floor model, and it was missing the accessory pack. The manager said that he would have a brand new one in today to exchange it with, and that it might be the 2010 model.


I brought it to an open mic the other night and people where comming up to me and telling me how great the guitar sounded, so I guess the Strat is better suited for my voice and style of playing. And the deluxe strat has the S1 switching and noiseless pickups which sound AWESOME.


I have owned many many many guitars (mainly acoustic), and I know there are going to be certain things that I don't like about every one of them, and I think it's worth putting up with certain things that I don't like and having a tone that fits my voice and style of playing.


Anyway... I'm back to Strat...:)

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