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for some of the old punks still around..


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A comp of punk bands from the 80s. A great listen.


1. Crank Shaft - Army of the Dead

2. America's Hardcore - Born Prejudices

3. Dr. Know - Boy's Life

4. Going Against the Grain - Circle One

5. Flower Lepards - Death of Two Lovers

6. Dr. Know - In That House

7. Rigor Mortis - In the Trenches

8. The G.R.I.M. - Old Towne Hall

9. Flower Lepards - Preacher's Confession

10. False Confessions - Prophecy

11. Ill Repute - Strike Back

12. Crank Shaft - There's Someone in the Cellar

13. Mox Nix - Vicious Cycle

14. Reign of Terror - Violent Children

15. Slaughterhouse 5 - 2nd Generation

16. Undercity Kings - Undercity Kings






Some of the covers are typical choices and some are more obscure. Some of the bands are still remembered and others largely forgotten. There are a few real oddities like Governemnt Issue covering the Seeds' "Wild Blood," Stukas Over Bedrock turning Pink Floyd's "Careful With That Axe Eugene" really crazy and Love Canal's wild ride doing the Eyes' "Don't Talk." A few others don't really matter. Scared Straight would have done well to do something other than just speed up "Born to Be Wild" and Don't No chose "Earache My Eye" which probably can't be anything but generic. But for every one of these misses, there are several that the bands really nail. The Idiot Pills rip through the Runaways classic "Cherry Bomb." Acid Head not only turn "Love Child" from Motown to punk rock, but also finish it off by tacking on the end of "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" just for good measure. The Membranes keep some of the funkiness of "Super Freak" while infusing it with plenty of punk energy. Ill Repute tear "Taking Care of Business" to shreds. NOFX doesn't abandon Black Sabbath entirely to put their signature on "Iron Man." Even SWA's "100 Bottles of Beer" and Plainwrap's version of the Disney song "It's a Small World" are a lot of fun.


This good time comp from Mystic Records may not be essential, but it's a precursor to what has now become an exhausted punk trend. Not only did it come first, it's also much better than any other collection of punk covers I've heard to this day.










man what memories...

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Everybody there thought Devo was a punk band for some reason. "you that fella likes punk music? Must like that band ...Devo." My hometown is the only place I know of that people yell out "Freebird" at every show and sincerely want to hear it.

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here's a couple off our Mystic cuts, don't laugh lol



Hey Steve, why don't you stop trying to make friends off of my mom's (Gayle's) fame and work on paying back all of the child support you owe us? Seriously, you aren't punk, you are the BIGGEST loser I've ever known.

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Holy {censored}. WTF?



Steve (unfortunately) is my biological father. My mother, Gayle Morency-Twigg, was Mox*Nix and Idiot Pills. That man ran off in 1990, has hid for all of these years, refuses to pay child support or help me IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE and now I find out that he's trying to win over people by means of my mother's music; didn't think he was THAT pathetic.

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