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cheap MIC sg


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How did the neck joining go? Smoothly it seems. What do you plan to use for the fingerboard?

What tools did you use to shape the body and neck contours?



neck joint went perfect, though it was only started with cnc to get it straight, then finished with a little plane. reason was i couldnt clamp the body at the right angle on the mill and was too lazy to make a fixture today. the neck tenon was cut on the mill in 3 operations. the pocket has a very small amount of wiggle to adjust, but will glue in perfectly. if youve seen my other builds, youll know this is one of the areas i always made a big mess of.


the body and neck carving was all by hand with a rasp and scraper. they are "rough" at this point. the finish work will come after glue up.


fretboar will be purpleheart, but the thick stock i have doesnt match the deep purple of the peghead which is also purpleheart but very very old stock. i might just use a lighter stripey piece i have and forget matching.

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body contours are done. everythings generally square and symetrical. top carve is slightly deeper than the back carve, but its dine by me.


its been scraped clean. no sanding marks, no dust in the grain. colour in the image is pretty accurate (its dry). in real life you can really see the striped grain patterns. will look really nice oiled.


pick guard is based on an sg jr one, but smaller (as is the guitar). its only there to cover about 1" of tenon extension - old gibsons had more like 2-2.5" sticking past the fretboard. i think its going to be a black aluminium guard with "raw" silver bevelled edges, not 100% sure yet. depends on if i can any pre anodized sheet. the patern just barely fits on the cnc mill table.

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wood is funny.


so, in the photo of the whole guitar a few posts back, you can see the purpleheart peghead. its been wet with solvent in the photo to approximate the finished colour.


soooo. guess which piece in the above photo is the one the peghead is cut from?


wrong. its the bottom one.


the board on the right is actually the fretboard of my first build, a fretless LP vixen type guitar. its been lemon oiled last year and otherwise left to age naturally.


the one on the left is the board to be used for the sg fretboard. its dry, and hasnt been sanded or planed since i got it in january. its mostly been in the dark during that time. when scraped/sanded and oiled, it becomes more pale. with age it will go more red like the piece on the right.... or maybe a deeper purple like the veneer on the bottom. no idea


so whats in the middle? thats the SAME piece as the left, cut just an inch or so off the bottom. its been scraped and tung oiled. the reason its so dark is because i cooked it! 10-15 minutes at 400f. the resisns in the wood seep to the surface with heat, accelerating the aging process 10000 times. you need to do it after sanding though or alot of the new found colour will sand away.


so ill be sanding off the current peghead now, and putting that baked board on instead, with a matching baked fretboard thats sequentially cut. the pickup cover will also have a sequential matched purpleheart cover.


should look very nice :)

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neck glued in. i compared the seam at the heel to my gibson. mine is pretty much on par for tightness and glue line. YAY!


i need to make the fretboard today and glue it on. i put the neck in before fretboard this time because i could glue the neck to the bottom of the tenon, then flush the top so the all sides had a strong glue joint.


the last time most of the strength had to come from the fretboard and one side of the tenon. i didnt think that was going to be good on the sg because the body tapers to a little over 1" thick at the heel.


i should have done tuner holes first, but its not a big issue. likewise the control cavity.


body and neck combined with fretboard wood and trussrod weigh about 3lbs. i suspect the whole guitar will be 4.75lb range having only one pickup , and aluminium stop bar and not much else on it. it will not be neck heavy either.


so much for mahogany being heavy :p

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so, im on a kick to finish some of these projects. i got the vixen all tweaked and refinished, along with the melody maker.


now ive got the SG, the micro tele, the pine melody maker single cut, and my SX strat that i glued and contoured the neck on.


so that brings us to the SG in this thread.


i glued the neck in and when sanding the joint, i came in about 2mm too much on one side. its just about a 1" length of the neck where its too narrow but it blends into the body so i cant just swap the neck, it will still have the flaw.


i have 3 options now.


1: glue a slightly narrow fretboard on, and blend the board into the neck and hope the divot isnt too noticable.


2: mill the neck out and make a new one in "61 sg" tenon style. i should not this body is a mere 1.2" thick.


3: cut the body in half and make it a neck through.



any thoughts?

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almost done. routed for the p90, doing the control cavity, laminating the pick guard and control cover tonight. start sealing tomorrow. body will be gloss clear poly, neck will be satin oil. i might do a light burst with dye, but am leaning toward natural.


will be making a custom purpleheart bridge, nut, pickup cover and knob as well.

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