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NGD - Build/Restore 1989 Fender HM Strat


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Hi All,


Over the last couple of months I've been building this guitar out of parts. I originally got the neck from a guy on another forum who had attempted to make the body into a hardtail. The neck was in great shape though, so I just leveled, crowned and dressed the frets and sanded off the finish and applied a tung-oil finish instead.


I got the body on eBay for $50. It's new/old stock and was never used. I think Fender probably gave it away because it had some overspray by the neck pocket. That cleaned up easily with some Maguire's Scratch X.


I had a spare Kahler Spyder laying around, so I disassembled, cleaned and oiled it. I put in an original DiMarzio Super 3 in the bridge, and two Lace Holy Grail single coils in the neck and middle. I wired it up stock with two TBX's, but modded the TBX's to open it up a little bit - with a 220k resistor instead of the 82k resistor they come with.


Sounds great and plays nicely. The Lace's aren't exact reproductions of 50's single coils, rather they are rounder somehow, like the old Charvel single coils from the 80's and sound great with no noise. I've heard them described as idealized fender single coils and I would agree.


Anyway, it's all done except for tweaking, hope you enjoy the pictures!




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Great shape and looks killer! What pickups do you have in it?



I have a Dimarzio D activator in the bridge.

I may try something different down the road.

Looking for somthing a bit more open.


In the neck I have a Bill Lawerence (OBL) Twin blade humbucking/Single coil that is one of my favorite pickups in any of my guitars.


The Middle is stock.

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