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Total electronics overhaul for my LTD... Check it if you like...


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So I haven't used my LTD M-250 for the longest time because of the pickups I had in there. They were WAY too high output for my tastes and weren't a very good match for either of my two main setups. Since I have 4 other guitars, I've just let it sit, until now.


I picked up a power rails bridge pup from GFS, along with a new pot and a new output jack. I didn't get a second pot, because rather than put in a tone control, which to be honest I never use anyway, I decided to put in a kill switch. No extra holes to drill, just a little experimenting. I'll worry about getting the other pups later.


Heres some preliminary pics for a proper before...








The only other mod I've really done to this guitar was to block the trem. I'll post progress as it happens (should get some stuff done today) and I'll post questions for you guys as they arise, and answer any Q's you guys may have.



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