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NGD! 1985-ish Aria Pro 2 (RS Classic)


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Alder body and Maple neck, both covered with a coat of Metallic Red poly!! It has a middle humbucker, people (and 2 pull-pots).



I would give it an 8.5 out of 10, I haven't had it but 2 days now so it isn't a fair judgement, just my First Impression, OK?

mostly because I like jumbo frets & the high e string has a minor 'feel' problem , but it still hits the notes??

I think bigger frets would help.

The action is 0.074 inches from the high e string to the 22nd fret and 0.016 from the high e string to the 1st fret :up:

the fretboard is 2.222" wide near the body and 1.664" wide at the nut. More specs coming after I change strings :p


What kind of pickup & magnets? ? I don't know... but:

not high-output, kind of like seymour aps2 but not as hot

The middle pickup is a humbucker if you pull up the last pot :D still not high-output but Nice sounding

If you pull up the middle pot and put the selector switch on position 2 or 4, you get a thin jangly sound from the out-of-phase combo of pickups,

else it is pretty full-sounding alone or combined.

mine had shielding in the electronics department, the cover had foil glued to it and you can see the foil running to the pots in my picture!

more for country pop blues than metal unless i boost and EQ it

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Yep. I've got 3 old matsumoku aria's and they are great value for money. Every aria neck I've tried is fantastic and seems to be one of their strong points. Old bodies are usually 2 or 3 pieces of good solid wood. Try finding that on most new lower end guitars. They did have a tendency to shoot the poly way to thick...at least they did on mine.


Congratulations. Looks great!

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My first guitar was a pearl white RS Classic. I was a stupid kid back in 1985 and didn't know {censored} about distortion, pickup output, etc.


I still have the body. It's been through many transformations and paint jobs. It's now a single hum bengal tiger with a Kahler 2700 Killer trem.


The neck was swapped for another Aria neck with an angled peghead (not painted).


I'd like to hear more thoughts about the tone of this guitar as it's been over 20 years since I last heard those pickups. I too them apart, and from what I remember they were really low DC resistance, but had two ceramic magenets on either side of the pole pieces in the bottom.


The amp I bought with this guitar - the mighty Gorilla TC-35 with "Tube Crunch" LOL!

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