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Mesa Transatlantic Anyone?

Elias Graves

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This looks pretty cool.



Spammy ad copy:


Legendary Mesa Boogie tone in a lunchbox-size amp.

The Mesa Boogie TA-15 amplifier head packs all the footswitchable performance, including a patented multi-watt channel assignable power, found in high-end full-size amps, and offers the most classic British and American sounds in a beautiful package that weighs only 12 pounds.


The guitar amp head's 2 channels feature 5 modes that cross the Atlantic with ultimate finesse and flexibility, creating the most portable all-tube gig companion ever. Choose a preamp style in each channel and then select the perfect power for it from the tube amp head's 3 super-expressive output choices: 5W Single-Ended Class A, 15W Class A or 25W of patented Dyna-Watt power.


The channel modes start off with lower-gain normal and higher-gain classic versions of the iconic top boost sound in Channel 1, which includes an ingenious pull master on the cut control that can be hard-bypassed for purists. Channel 2 houses 3 modes: a gorgeous tweed clean, a British high-gain in Hi 1 and a classic Boogie Lead in Hi 2.


All this tone and performance comes to you travel-ready in the Mesa Boogie amp head's sturdy padded gig bag that holds both power cable and footswitch, and allows easy access of the retractable handle. So prepare for a smooth crossing as you enjoy the best of both sides of the pond with the Mesa Boogie TransAtlantic tube amp head.



So you get several amps in one. Like a modeller, only real.



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I am very intrigued by this little amp. I love my Mesa and would love to have one of these. But 900 bucks? I don't think so. I would rather spend a few hundred more and buy a Goodsell Blackdog.

If this Transatlantic were 5 or 6 hundred, I would be all over it.

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