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Man, I had a dream.


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Man, I had a dream.

I dreamed that suddenly this place was gone!

Everyone was scattered to the four winds of the earth and I found only a few of you. No matter where I turned, there was only dissension and strife. The friendly faces were few and far between.

The guitars didn't sing as sweetly and my voice cracked when I tried to sing. I sat down to play a bit of classic country but all that came out was the blues, man.

Someone in my dream told me that you never realize what you have till it's gone, but I told him to go away with that trite old saying. I knew exactly what I had, I was just searching for it had gotten off to.

Gladly, this evening upon my awakening, I found that just like Dorothy, in her waking, was home. I am still at home, with friends and fiends alike all around me.

Thank you all for making this place what it is.


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