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It all started when I bought an Orville Les Paul Custom. I found the guitar itself was of very high build quality and a definite keeper. Only problem...the stock pickups were muddy and undefined. Okay...they weren't awful. I've heard way worse. But I'm a tone nazi. And something had to be done.


I finally decided to take a dive and try Byan's pickups. I explained to him what I needed. A classic PAF that could handle modern rock music styles. (I play worship music and modern rock) He recommended the PUFs.


Installing these pickups was a religious experience.


Let me tell you why.


My big quip with humbuckers has always been that they sometimes get too thick in the low end on rhythms. I love the power they provide, and the thickness on single notes. But the rhythms don't have that cut that single coils do.


Seems like in general, humbuckers have the same problem as ALL pickups. They tend to sound thin when you want them thick, and too thick when you want them thin.


Miraculously, the PUF's aren't like this.


The bridge pickup is powerful yet cutting on the rhythms. It never gets harsh though. It has that JANGLE to it that I've been looking for. There's something going on in the upper midrange that's magical. they are thick without being muddy.


The neck pickup is some kind of voodoo I'm not aware of. NO SERIOUSLY.

When I do single notes picking clean, they are perfect. Not harsh, not muddy. They are thick and warm yet defined. BUT WAIT. When I play rhythms on the neck pickup, they aren't muddy like I think they would be. They CUT! How this is possible I don't know. It's magical.


For my playing this is a godsend. I think I've found my #1 for my church gigs.

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I'm not sure what Bryan's secret is... I think he's captured a flock of pixies and uses their pixie dust to infuse magic into his pickups.


Whatever it is, Bryan's pickups come as close to giving me a chubby as something that is not a beautiful woman can.

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