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Lap Love Again .. A Build Thread


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Here is a closeup of the fret markers and abalone dot inlays.

I'm really happy how the silver bezels for the abalone came out.



Damn fine looking inlays... damn!:thu::thu:

I have been away (doing my summer stuff, ie, our summers are too short to be in the house stuck on a computer) but you keep on turning out some mightly fine lap steels.


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Thanks for the kind words, like I said, I was very pleased on how the inlay worked out.
I forget where I saw the tubing idea for a dot bezel, but it really does give a nice touch and not too hard to do either.

Good to see you back and around AJC :) I think the natives are going through withdrawal waiting for another AJC build :thu:

Bryan ... we definitely need to get you something to test your pups on :)

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what do you use to do the back relief cuts;ie, neck and headstock.

I have found those to be the hardest part.

I rough cut the top angle on the band saw, then tru it up on the jointer / planer.
Once I have the top flat and true, I mark out the lower cut and rough it on on the bandsaw then level it off with a Wagner Safe-T-Planer
The radius / transition I freehand with a drum sander on a drill motor.


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