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What effects is this guy using?


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A hint of reverb and a quick echo with one repeat


He's got sustain and compression. And fuzz.

And a slow phase. I don't call it chorus because a lot of chorus pedals don't seem to have a speed control. Maybe it's just the cheap {censored} I use.



You can twiddle the knobs until you get it right.


But for me, it's also about getting to a rhythm volume and tone from his tone for lead.


I have my echo set to the same duration of slap back with one repeat as well. That's the only way I use my echo.


The effects can get lost in front of a loud band. Like who's going to notice the subtle nuances of a slow phase and a mild single repeat echo in front of something going chugga-chugga-chugga.


But yeah, I like his tone. Satriani like. How it comes out in the mix, is the trick I think. Some times it can sound overly processed.

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