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NGD (updated with pics)


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The Gordon Smith Graduate Slimeline '60 arrived on wednesday, and when it arrived, what looked like chips down to the bare wood on the ebay photo were actually chips that had been repaired with metallic copper nail varnish of all things :freak:


The guitar obviously hadn't been played in some time (dusty, tarnished frets, dry fingerboard etc), and needed a good setup, but after giving it a good clean/fret polish/setup and properly touching up the chips on the front, here she is:










You can see that the back and neck have a satin finish which feels great to play, and the ribcage contour makes it much more comfortable to play while sitting down.


Both pickups have coil taps, and both the tone controls are bypassed when you turn them to 10


It's a little brighter than a Les Paul, with the tone controls set to about 8 you have the typical LP tone, but then you can turn it up to 10 for more bite.


I was pleasantly surprised to find that the bridge is a MIJ Gotoh unit.


HNGD to me :)

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