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How Does This Sound?


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I am trying to learn how to get better at mixing my sound and have taken advice from people on the forums that I frequent to improve my skills.


I am using a Yamaha MG82cx mixer and a (single) QSC K12 speaker (I plan on getting another K12 down the road when I can afford it). I using a Fender American Standard Stratocaster run through a Digitech RP150 pedal and into the mixer. I'm singing through an EV N/D 967 mic. I'm using chorus and delay on the RP150 and using plate reverb on the mixer for the vocal.


I set the channel gains for the guitar and vocal to just before clipping and the channel volumes to the unity marks and backed the guitar volume control off slightly. I then used the main volume for overall loudness.


I set the EQ on the mixer flat for both the vocal and guitar channels, and set the K12 settings to DEEP and VOCAL BOOST.


I made a little test recording placing a large diaphragm condensor mic 2 ft in front of the K12.


Here is the test clip...


Click Here To Listen


This is a cover that I just started learning so please forgive the bad performance.


Any additional pointers would be helpful, and thank you.

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