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looking for a small amp to compliment my Classic 30

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It needs to have an effects loop and a master volume would help. Under $700 would be good....2 or 3 hundred under would be better.


I'm thinking something non EL84 in the power section but Vox is different enough tone wise in spite of the EL84's. The Egnater Rebel 20 looks like a contender but I'm afraid it is too similar to the classic 30 tone wise.


I had a DRRI which was a great amp and filled this spot well tone wise but it was too loud for late night in the house recording/song writing kind of playing which is all I do anymore so it's gone.


High on my list (mostly because of the low price) is the Super Champ XD since I found a simple mod on the Fender forum where a 'line in' can be added to work with the existing line out to create an effects loop.

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