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dumb amp question (I can turn my amp into fuzz!)

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I've been experimenting with combining dirt pedals for some messy sounds recently, and then I decided to mess with my bugera v22's dirt channel some more (mostly so far I haven't used it because I like dirt pedals).


the dirt channel on the amp, with the gain cranked, gets into some ALMOST fuzzy territory on the bottom end. like it's about to lose it. if I stack some dirt pedals, it turns to fuzz. it starts sounding like a devi ever pedal. the bottom end just blips out. if I stack 2 dirt pedals with my amp's gain channel, it actually does sound just like a devi ever pedal, with the exception that it'll squeal like hell between playing, but it still gets that blippy, splatty starved sound on the bottom.


I find this fun, but my question is a dumb one. basically, does this indicate that something is wrong with my amp's speaker (or other component)? or is it normal that you can make your amp get splatty and fuzzy if you do things this way? I ask because I seem to recall reading about how original fuzz sounds in the old days were the result of busted parts.

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