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Would you sell it? (vintage Vox content)


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I saw a listing on Craiglist, a guy looking for a good "project" in exchange for a tele he had. I told him about the Vox Bulldog I have laying around... it's in playable condition at the moment, but uses a non-original pickup (I have them, though) and a non-original trapeze tailpiece. It is also in very poor cosmetic condition, but someone who knew their stuff could probably restore it. He asked for a bunch of pics and info, and it was back home with my family, so I got them to take pictures and email them to me. Well, he then said his tele was sold... but now I'm wondering if it'd be worth it to sell this beast.


Here's one in very good condition.







Here's mine.












Would it be worth it to throw it on Ebay or some vintage sites and see if anyone bites?

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Oh, well just fix the pickguard then.

Is it called Bill?



The pickguard is fine. It uses these little metal rings to hold the pickups to the body, basically pickup rings, but the neck and middle one aren't on, I covered the empty slots with tape, and the same for the extra routes in the pickguard.


It had sticker letters on it spelling BILL, which I removed.

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