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Legacy Jam....bring the Rock!


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I finally got some free time for these. Just grabbed my First Act Paul Westerberg and winged it for both.

Deep Purplish

Rock me Southerly

Edit: Link fixed

Purpley one:

Loved the exploration of the main theme...I thought it worked really well, and the tone sounded slightly Schenkerish to me..a sort of half cocked wah thing going on.

Nice the way the riff exploration leads to the soloing.

A lot of these takes are pretty aggressive...lots of Testosterone flying around! :D

Loved the way it takes off at about 3.10 and builds to the end.


G'N R:

I really like the way you explore the fundamentals from on the money riffing to soaring WTF moments.

No one can accuse you of just banging out the same old licks..you really do take a journey from A to B stopping off at interesting places en route.

Great stuff.


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So, you was messin about with yer purplish bits here!!
Man, your staccato bursts are so clean and sharp. Cutting like the proverbial 2 edged sword. I liked the doubling of the riff. I felt like that was just the right thing to do. You really followed the BT throughout. I'm not sure I ever anybody playing harmony guitars as well as you do! Energy enough to light up Times Square during a blackout!!!

Thanks Alan.

It's guys like you that inspire me to play....


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