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Wuh oh... Spike did bad? (+ NGD)

Spike Li

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Ok, so long story short, i just recently got back from holidays in Japan - where naturally I bought myself a guitar. A second hand, quite beat up Edwards LP Custom copy with aged binding.


Great guitar, even though its been put through its paces its still very nice to play, plus I got it for a steal at about half the price of a new Edwards! XD


Anyway, so today I decide to clean off a bit of the gunk it gotten on it during my travels, so I bust out the faithful alcohol wipe things and give the bottom (leg cutaway) of the guitar a quick wipe down... shortly afterwards i notice the alcohol leaving a white residue on the side guitar, which I wipe off. I then look at the bottom to find the same reidue... but only this time it doesnt wipe off as easily o_0....


So now there is a bit of a faded/white patch on the bottom of my guitar :facepalm: Im not sure but I read somewhere that Edwards guitars have a thin nitro coat over a poly coat, and whatever the coat is the alcohol wipe has left a bit of a mark on it :cry: Not the end of the world seeing as how the guitar is already beat to {censored}, but im wondering if there is anyway of remedying this? Or have I really screwed up?


Pics attached (for the first time :o)

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Not really screwd up, just taken the tinted lacquer off, you could just buy some tinted nitro from Reranc and touch it up.

But yes that is one of the LTS (Lacquer Taste Series) with a nitro top layer


Thanks for the replies guys!


Just to be sure - the lacquer is the nitro yeah? Or is it something different?


For the record I do feel like a bit of a douche :facepalm: I mean I just wasnt thinking cause I hadnt used those alcohol wipes on my gibsons cause I was worried about the effect it would have on the nitro :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm:


Its not that bad, being on the bottom, looks kinda dusty or something, but still o_0...


Never heard of Naptha, maybe I should give that a shot next time...


Oh and if you want me to send you the guitar, Im gonna need a credit card number, bank account details, home address and a scan of your passport...:cop:

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