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new tunes>Overflow and Silent Running


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ok so my friend eric did a really kinda cool backing track that lent its self to expermentation... and here are my odd sketches..


this my take on Erics Track Jupiter,,

just one track added with some delay trickery..

just having fun.. sounds a little Adrian Blewish to be so thats what i was going for.. well out of the blues penatonics.. although a liberal use of a 5note kinda thing..


Guitar used.. Reverse headstock sst.. relic





second idea with Erics Juipter tune.. more 80's King crimson kinda ideas.. at least the odd meter seems to have that kinda vibe..


just some Cacophony... but its sounds pretty cool and i wanted to try something with none or at least very few single picked notes.. i think there is a pitch pedal in the signal line so thats why its a little odd on key.. but i think it works..


Guitar >that snazzy gold top

Amp> just a complete mess of stuff..


Silent Running



guitarist self indulgence mode off:

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