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Tom Short pickups


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I decided to swap out the pups in my Heritage H 357 korina.....i had been told that Tom Short made a good pickup so i gave them a try. they are his marc ford model pups.


Here is what i started with...





Began to dissasemble...




Wired in the Tom Shorts and .022 PIO caps...





New strings and done....




And the 2 fingered clip :D

H 357 w/ tom shorts by brent henderson




I think they are a huge improvement! They warmed that Korina right up. I just got off the phone with Tom and told him how pleased i was with them! If anyone is looking to swap out pups in their Heritage, or other axe.....give Tom a call or email....you wont be sorry!

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Whoa did not know a H357 existed...WANT!!! Really sweet guitar. I dig Marc Ford so I'm sure those pickups are sweet!



thanks man!


i got this korina H 357 from Marv Lambs personal collection...very lucky to have scored it! its a 1 of a kind!!!


the pups are great!!! worth every penny!!!

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