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Getting my build/mod feet wet w/this old Rogue

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Gonna practice on this old Rogue, on the right of the photo.

I havent tore into anything in 25-26 yrs so I was a little aprehensive but here I go.

Ive disasembeld the neck and sanded off that annoying tit and the Rogue logo off the headstock to look more Fendery. Will xontue to sand back of neck and headstock so I can go back with a matching tint.Leaving the fingerboard as is. Then I want to put on a Wilkerson 3 saddle bridge, some GSF fatbodys, and maybe a tortoise pickguard. Will prob redo the pots and cap when I do the pickups.

But there are some potential pitfalls.

1. Its top load.

2. Its a 22 fret neck.

Havnt decided whether to keep it top load, or make it string thru.


Will the 22 fret neck have any bearing on the location of the new bridge & plate? Dumb question I know, its shoudnt matter seems like, but never hurts to ask. Any ideas, things to watch out for if I do a bridge swap to a vintage 3 saddle set up?


The existing 6 saddle plate is pretty heavy duty, I could leave it and just drill the holes for a string thru and put on 6 brass saddles. The plate has the holes, the body is just not drilled.


Not gonna mess with the body finish, its plywood and an ok to me color as is.


Im doing this mainly as play/practice for a future build. Screwing with the looks, practicing taking things apart & reassembling, changing out pups and pots, etc.

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