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Just finished my Jackson Super Strat project


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Thanks for the replies guys! I don't care for Floyds. I owned a few Floyd equipped guitars, as I used to own a Charvel Model 2 with Original Floyd Rose and an ESP George Lynch Kamikaze. I also had an original '75 Strat that was a left over from the 80's as the previous owner modded it with a Kahler Pro Tremolo and I never really bonded with that style trem either. I learned over time how to properly setup and maintain a Floyd & Kahler properly, but found that I just didn't use a tremolo for my playing style, as I use my hands instead of a bar, although I know I won't be able to do a dive bomb without using a bar, but that's fine. I prefer Fender style tremolos, with either 6 screw or two point trems.

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