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pickguard opinions...need yours....


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Yeah, that's really the three colors I'm deciding on (well, aged white/parchment are about the same). Just don't think I like the black on a burst Strat. I like the tortise shell...but a friend of mine has one that looks like mine with a tort guard on it. Don't wanna have twins!

I like the GFS mint green...doesn't look too green in the pics...but I also like his aged white!

The mint is actually pretty subtle if it is done right- I don't know how GFS's color is, but I have one that Chandler custom made for me for my Roland Ready strat and it is a really nice, subtle mint that looks "period correct" to my eyes.


ANdANd as I said, adonized gold is something really beyond where you are looking, but it is different!

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Okay, made up my mind...finally...:D


Tried to convince myself to get the mint green...but just couldn't do it. Ended up ordering a parchment/aged white 3 ply (fully shielded) guard from pickers parts




Pickers Parts


Then, found this setup on evilbay...


Pup Covers, knobs, etc.


Yeah, it's not gonna be drastically different, but it will not look so stark white next to the wood. Ended up costing less than $100 for the wiring harness/pots/tone circuit/American Standard pups, pickguard, and other plastic bits. Fit nicely into the budget...:D

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