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Stupid timing for a vacation... :mad:


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One of the most exciting, rewarding, challenging thing I do with music is playing in my Big band. We practice (as a rule) twice a month the whole year and as far as gigs, being a 20 piece band, we play mostly in Summer festivals a couple of times a year. I don't need to tell you that those sparse big band gigs are an incredible highlight for me and a huge reward for my rather hard work.


My dear wife, God bless her, decided to book flights without too much consultation for a four weeks vacation for the whole family... precisely in the weeks when my big band are playing those gigs. Because of the kids' school vacation and other reasons, the timing was not easy to put somewhere else but a few days later and I could have played at least one gig. :mad:


Sorry for the rant but I just wanted to let out some steam... :o

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