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Weekend Gig Report: Watkins Glen International Speedway


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Had a great gig weekend. Played Fri to a packed house at some irish bar we play every month. We are great there, I dont know why - who knew irish people dig 80's rock? The bar gave us free t-shirts (leftover from st patty's day). I brought my LP Axcess and my EJ strat to that show. Haven't gigged the EJ in a while, and I was in mood for something different.






on saturday we played at Watkins Glen international speedway following the Sahlen's 6 hours at the glen race.I've never been to a race so it was exciting just to be there and hear all the cars, seeing the crews, crashes, fires, etc.


a pro sound company was hired to provide sound. We just brought our instruments and our lighting rig. stage setup was great and we had 8000W of PA power. Striking an A chord just rumbled the stage. It was so awesome and the sound company had us mixed perfectly.


We were set to start at the completion of the race so when it was that time, there were only about 20 people. We thought "oh boy this is gonna suck" but within 5 minutes the crowd grew to about 200 and by the 6th song we had about 400-500 people hanging around. Pickup trucks pulled up in the back of the crowd and people just chilled on chairs in the truck bed.


I saw some older 60-something guy dancing by himself in the crowd so i leaped off the stage and snuck up behind him and was playing a solo without him knowing. then his friends told him to turn around and he was surprised to see me. wireless is great lol. I handed him a pick, then let him strum my guitar while I fingered the chords. Later that night after our show he walks up to me and says that he always wanted to play guitar - so I told him congratulations, you did! I gave him a pick and told him to keep it for his next concert. :thu: He told me that letting him strum my guitar made his day, which is pretty awesome compliment considering all the action going on at the race that day.


Our 2nd to last song, my singer notices some 12-yr old dancing in the crowd like michael jackson. He was very impressive - so we pulled him up on stage and let him dance during one of our songs. he was moonwalking, crotch grabbing, hat tipping, all the characteristic MJ moves. It was so fun, and the audience got a great kick out of it.


After the show, kids came up to me and asked for guitar picks and autographs, as well as my singer and drummer too. We all signed our set list and gave it to the dancing kid which made him happy. Then dominos guy comes over and gives us 4 pizzas. how cool is that? i lurves me some pizza after a gig! The stage was sponsored by red cat winery so some pro photos will be listed on their facebook page soon. untill then all i have is crappy cell pics my friends sent me.


The best part was seeing the kids smile, making the rock hand gestures during my solos and stuff - and of course making personal connection with that older man. That kind of stuff is what its all about for me and what motivates me to keep going.


No video yet but here is a few pics:





sound check












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sounds like two great shows, Mario! how did it go with the EJ strat on Friday? what songs did you use it on, and will it make an appearance again soon?


i saw some pre-show pics from saturday on Facebook; looks like you had plenty of room up on that stage, for sure.

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EJ strat was great. Its a little stiff feeling compared to my charvel / les pauls i usually play, as consequence of blocked bridge design of the EJ. I was having some feedback issues which I doubt were the guitar - i suspect it was the drummer's headset mic and the awkward acoustics of the room reflecting sound back to his mic. but other than that it was fine, I played it for the entire first set ranging from eric clapton to AC/DC. Really like the tone of that guitar alot.


oh yeah, stage was huuuuge. I was trying to get my drummer to bring out his huge journey drum kit (which he bought on ebay a few weeks ago, previously owned by dean castronovo from journey).. unfortunately he was still waiting on a few pieces of hardware for his drum rack.


here's a pic of his kit:



stage must have been 20x60. felt amazing to have all that power in PA, and plenty of floor monitors. I don't think we've ever sounded that good.


I really hope some videos surface, can't wait to see it!

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3 replies. Guess I won't bother next time I have some good news to share.


don't you dare hold back on us, Mario :poke::thu: three of us posted, but over 120 people reviewed it.


maybe they're shy.

maybe they're jerks who can't take a second to tip their hat to someone like yourself who's out there playing and having fun.

maybe their keyboard doesn't work.

maybe they're jealous, small-minded moles who couldn't get past themselves enough to support another musician.

maybe they just weren't interested enough to expend the energy it takes to type 'nice job' or click the button that makes one of these :thu: things.

maybe they had every intention of typing some sort of reply, but then they got called away from their computer and haven't come back to it yet.



that shouldn't stop you from posting gig reports, or anything else for that matter.


i think i'm going to look for one of those EJ strats. you like the pickups? how about the 12" radius neck?

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