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OH NOES! Krashpad plays KLEAN! (Yikes!)

Brian Krashpad

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Wait, a punk rocker playing clean? Many pundits say this could never happen. Or if it did, the result would be REALLY, really bad.


Tonight on local radio there are going to be a couple songs by my side ("hippie") band, Cinnamon Hill. However, in true Oughts fashion, the show has already been posted to the web, here:




The last 4 segments are us. Meaning it's our drummer Arturo talking, then a song, more talking, then the second song. So you can skip the talking bits if you like.


This is the band I usually play mainly mandolin with. Our real guitarist was out of the country during this gig a few weeks ago, so for the 3rd or 4th time I was sorta making {censored} up on the fly on guitar (although at least, not for the very first time ever, in this case I had played the songs maybe 3 or 4 times on guitar before-- all at shows, my first practice on them on guitar on these songs (to coordinate parts with REAL guitarist) will be tomorrow night.




Anyhow, there are a few clunkers (I contend these are "jazz"), but it's not too damn bad. Recorded live at a show several weeks ago with one or two mics, so what you get is basically what the audience heard. Both cuts happen to have me on guitar, not mandolin. Guitar was the cheapie Squier Vintage Modified Thinline I recently flipped for a teency profit, into my Super Champ XD. No pedals or effects other than what's on the amp. No PA guy mixing, either.


If you take the cursor to about 3/4 of the way through the show, you'll find us. Feel free to listen to the whole thing (prior to us), but quite a lot before us is artsy-fartsy spoken word/experimental/performance art. Don't say I didn't warn you about that.


I apologize in advance for the part where, in the 2nd talking section, Arturo refers to me as part of local music's "icons." He really just meant I'm even older than he is.



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That was great man! Sweet playing and I really enjoyed the band!!

You clean up real good!!

Thanks Alan! That means a lot from someone who has put so much music up on the net, and who is such a natural player.

By the way, I totally forgot that I could give an exact starting point for where the talk/songs start.


First talky bit: 43:05
First song: 44:40
Second talky bit: 48:43
Second song: 53:05

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