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Telecaster neck pickups - The Creme de la Creme?

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The nocaster set is meant to be great, and is probably a safe option.


The BareKnuckle Blackguard set I got is going for a similar sound, but with slightly more output.


I specifically asked Tim for a set of pickups that had bite and twang in the bridge, and clarity, chime and warmth in the neck, and that's what he recommended. I have to say I'm not disappointed.


They have heavy copper baseplates as well, and come with a lifetime guarantee on them.


They're expensive in the USA, but in GB they're no more expensive than anything else, and you get great customer service.

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Fred Stuart Blackguard and Curtis Novak make sweet neck love pickups too...BUT Im a fan of just traditional Tele neck pickups, especially combined with the bridge=awesomeness

Ive got a set of Rumpelstiltskins being made and opted for a nickel silver cover instead of the trad brass, supposedly its more transparent but we'll see...These pickups are cheap as hell ($63) and hand/scatterwound, check them out.

Im getting an early Broadcaster (1950 Black Wire 'hot') set with 43 wire on bridge and neck, around 11.5K on the bridge its gonna scream!

check out the sound clips

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