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mystery: maestro vibrola for doubleneck gibson

Hiwatt Bob

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so i scored an EDS-1275 doubleneck SG off of a forumite, should be here in a couple days.




anyhow, i LOVE the maestro vibrola on my SG special--the problem is that the distance between the bridge and tailpiece is not long enough for even a "short" maestro. however--i saw these pics of a rare '66 EDS that has a maestro (sorry for the quality, i had to screen cap them):










you'll notice it's different than typical short maestro vibrola's--




this is the only other pics i can find anywhere that show this strange version:










anyhow--does anyone know where/how to obtain one of these?? most of the parts suppliers just seem to have the standard short ones. any help, insight, history, etc. would be MOST appreciated!

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