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Great Rock Albums of the 70's

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What a rich decade for killer albums.


Everything the Rolling Stones released through the 70s is top notch.


A lot of the early punk stuff-- Ramones, Saints, Damned, Pistols, NY Dolls, Dead Boys, etc.


A lot of bizarro punk offshoot stuff--Devo, Screamers, Suicide, Debris, Chrome, The Fall...


Some of the best albums of that decade are some you never hear much about IMO...


BRIAN ENO- Here Come The Warm Jets and Taking Tiger Mountain



...come to mind


also, some great glam...Bowie did some amazing stuff in the 70s of course, T. Rex, some great power pop--Modern Lovers, Big Star...somem great straight up rock and roll like James Gang, early AC/DC...


Some great radio-friendly pop masterpieces like ELO, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John...


Not to mention it was the decade that brought us the first metal and there was ome astounding work going on in Germany with bands like Can, Neu!, Faust, Guru Guru, Popol Vuh, etc.


This thread could be neverending.

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