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just got her in today, so i'm still not real familiar with it yet.


SX GG1 CLA Gold Top. kinda hefty. Rondo website says 9lbs, but i'm gonna have to weigh it. finish is really good. fretwork seems to be good as well. may change the pups later, not sure yet. i'll give it a few weeks before i make that decision.


my only real complaint, as with every SX i've had, they have the chunky neck. makes it hard for me to play. i gots little hands.:D.


anyway, so far so good! on to the pics











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I had the exact same guitar. I thought mine was great looking - espeacially the wood grain on the back. I hope the neck works out for you. A very high rating from Lamb Chop - 4 paws up!

Hope you love it brother



i hope i do too! and tell Lamb Chop thanks!!!

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