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Ever get offers from bands that find you on Youtube?

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Yes just last week Paris Hilton saw me and said that my rugged good looks and skillful guitar playing was overwhelming to her and she had to have me...


I felt sorry for her because i know the crushing blow i dealt Linsey Lohan .. Lindsey went back to boozing it up when i had to turn her down the week before after she seen me on face book..


Then Buddy Guy asked me to give him some pointers..I had to say no..I can't see giving away my secrets..


Also that pesky Jack Black keeps twittering me asking for his pick back..


There was also the million dollar 1 album contract i was offered but i told them that i would prefer to stay on an independent label because my music was more about being an artist then money..


Okay i have to go now there is a rabbit standing in the corner with a top coat on looking at his pocket watch saying something about he is late for an important date..

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