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A little anxious about buying new tuning machines for my tele...


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ive been experimenting with different gauge strings and recently the tuning machine for my tele broke off when i was trying to install a pretty thick gauged string, (since the cutout for the string and hole to feed it into werent wide enough). the stock tuning machines were on the guitar. now im thinking of getting some locking ones or something of the sort such as the schaller http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-Schaller-Locking-Tuners?sku=361333. question is will the hole be wide enough to fit say a 62 gauge string. im thinking no. i did get a set of tuning machines for my other tele from guitarfetish.com and it feeds through fine but locking machines would be nice. theyre also like 40 dollars cheaper too. :lol:


your thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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