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PRS SE Singlecut or SE Singlecut Korina Wood


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Recently bought a PRS SE Singlecut Korina Wood model, and it sounds ok but just a tad thin when I solo in the bridge position - OD or dist pedal but no heavy metal stuff. I'm still in the timeframe where I can return it.


Went to Guitar Center today to play a PRS SE Custom 24 Anniv Edition to see how I liked the longer neck (yes, the salesman said the neck is a little longer and plays tricks with your eyes), but they didn't have any, but he also told me it is much heavier than the prior SE Custom models other SE models and somewhat close to an LP 's weight which I do not want.


So now I'm at the point of making a decision to stay with the Korina wood model or exchange for the regular SE Singlecut mahogany body and wondering if this will give me a fuller tone. ??



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