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Help With GFS Pickup Install


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Hey, just received a pair of GFS Classic II's, a bit confused on how to connect the wires.


Each p/u has a Black - Ground; Silver Shield - Ground; Green +; A Red and White wire


Instructions say to solder all grounds to the same loc, back of pot; Connect Red to White, no contact for Humbucker Connect to ground for single coil.


I just want to do a standard humbucker three way switch install, no coil split. So, do I connect the Green to the volume pot (as usual, just as it is hooked up now) the black and the Sliver shield to the back of a volume pot to ground and leave the red and white wire as is, soldered together and just leave them lose in the cavity? Or something else? Will leaving the red and white soldered together mess up my humbucker sound?



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yes. leave the red and white soldered together, and make sure they are insulated if you are not going to coil split.

having the red and white wires soldered together is what completes the humbucker. if they are not connected you have a single coil (or half a humbucker).


just wrap the exposed connection in electrical tape so they dont ground themselves when moving around in the guitar, then wire the rest just like the guitar is wired now.





you can find all the common wiring diagrams at



the colors of the wires may be different than the duncan colors, so pay more attention to the wire's purpose than its color when using their diagrams, as in this diagram where they have green == ground and black == positive, which is the reverse of your GFS pickups, so adjust accordingly.


for example:




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