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Strat surgery complete...it's ALIVE!!!


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Bought this MIM Strat about a month ago when I was on my way through Oklahoma. Got a killer deal on it, plays great, but just needed a few upgrades to make it "finished."


So, I bought a complete wiring/pickup setup from an Am. Standard Strat from Doctor Morbius. Ordered a new pickguard/plastic setup in parchment, and went to work.


original pic




Original pickguard assembly gone




Putting the new pickguard together. (new backplate on the left, old one on the right).




And the finished product




Had to use my phone for these pics, so it's kinda hard to see the difference in the color of the plastic...but the parchment bits really look nice. The old white one is on the right...new one on the guitar.


2b6f3e8f.jpg' alt='>'>


Looks very nice, but WOW is all I can say about the change in tone! So much more detail and sparkle from these pickups. Plays and sounds amazingly well. Get's that Strat "quack" very nicely in both the 2 and 4 positions. Neck position just sings.


Thanks for the pups Doc, they are awesome!

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Thanks guys. Still loving the tones this thing is putting out! SO much better than the stock pups...if they were the stock pups...do the stockers usually have bar magnets on them?



From the ones I've replaced they do.

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Glad you like them Steve. Hope they serve you well.


Thanks Doc. Great pickups! Question...did you change any of the wiring? the pot on the bottom tone control looks different, and seems to control the bridge and middle pup. I didn't think Strats ever came with a bridge tone control as stock. I LOVE it...just wondering...


Thanks again! :wave:

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