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I may have just screwed up...


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I have a couple of my guitars at work with me and switching around the neck pickups. I'm putting the Suhr humbucker that's in my tele into the Carvin and putting the P90 from the Carvin into the tele. Well, the bottom of the screws from the humbucker were hitting the bottom of the cavity in the Carvin. Instead of routing out wood I figured I could much more easily, and quickly, grind off the bottom of the screws...and so I did...and then I began to wonder...


I can't try it out until I'm back home, but do you think I messed up the magnetic properties in the pickup from the grinding?

I suhr hope not.:facepalm: (get it?.....suhr....? Haha!)

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You crazy fool:mad:

Sher 25 has gone supernova because of your irresponsible behaviour

Why didn't you think?

I just knew sumthin' bad was gonna happen!

However, I went home real quick (my half mile commute) and grabbed my amp and everything is fine! WooHoo!!
Now I have my two favorite pickups in my Carvin and a Pure90 in the tele. Gotta get some new strings for that though.
Here they are...

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