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G6, Am6, Amb6 in a progression...


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I'm doing music for a smokey bar room, slow/medium shuffle, urban blues tune.

Looking for a good musical vibe for the tune, I'm experimenting with 6 chords to add a bit of an urban jazz feel to a minor blues progression.

Here's my take on the application of these chords to said progression, as I understand my theory.


The numbers indicate which finger I'm using, on the fret hand, to to shape the chord...not the fingerboard position.











Being a major chord, this shape can be moved around to different positions & used as the 1, 4, 5, 2, 6, or 3 chord.











To be used as a 2 chord.











To be used as a 3 or 6 in the progression, depending on neck position.


Comments, insights, corrections, examples...


Thanks much.:wave:

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