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LAG Roxane 500


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Hello Guitar Forum!


Has anyone experience with this guitar?




I'm going to go out and buy a new guitar soon, I set this on the "test-list" along with:


Gibson LP Studio

Gibson Flying V '67

Gibson Explorer '76

Gibson SG Standard and Special

PRS SE Custom 22

Fender American Special HSS Strat

G&L Tribute Legacy HB Premium

B.C. Rich Mockingbird Master (seems to be a made in Europe Customshop model)


How does the Roxane compare to the listed guitars?


Basically what I want is an electric guitar with a thick neck, (if possible) coiltappable humbuckers (or at least a 'bucker in the bridge), seperate volume controls for the pickups (if it's HH), 22 frets and no Floyd or Kahler trem. I don't care too much about the rest if it sounds and plays good.


Price range is up to 1000

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