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Ouch... just got bit by a Snake


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corny title i know but it made you click... lol










Cant tell from the pics but the sides are the same color as the pup cavity.

Can't decide wither or not to paint the cavity covers orange or keep them black. It looks a lot better then i expected, cant wait to get it done.


another thing i cant decide on is pickup ring. Leave it on in black, paint it orange or leave it off all together, what do you think?


To do list:


-Rig up 18v mod (piece of cake, already have the wiring and adapters and all that jazz

-Apply Wood seal to fabric

-Trim some more fabric

-Get headstock logo from Vidiot and apply (think im going Charvel and painting over the logo orange to match)

-Sunburst and clear coats

-Sand 400-600-800-1200-1500-2000 grits



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Nice...looking good.


Fabric tops can be a pain in the ass. I tried one on a Jackson Kelly and it was very labor intensive. I gave myself about a B-/C+ on the finished product and I was glad to be done with it in the end.


Good luck with yours.




oh yeah

Black or no pickup ring

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Looks killer!! I remember when you were considering this. Love that fabric. first thing I thought just now was darn, he didnt finish it with some type of gloss finish, and then I read that it wasnt done yet. Some kind of glossy clear coat will make this thing come "alive" if you know what I mean. Careful not to get bitten.


Looks awesome!!

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Thanks for all the kind words and yea i like that "Rattlecaster" lol


not sure what it started life off as, it was definately a low end jackson, but the neck was super fast and straight and with an EMG it sounded killer so going in i wasn't to concerned about screwing up because its a lower end axe.


I like the idea on matching the covers to the body


and no NHL this is a Fabric finish

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