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Help: Roxy 12 String Info


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I wondering if anyone has heard of these guitars. This is a Roxy 12 string electric, pretty much a 335 body style. I seen a similar guitar on Ebay buy Bradford from the 60s and one from Eastwood, all 335-345 style. The Roxy I have has Made In Japan stamped on it and it looks to be of 60s - 70s vintage. I guess like most, I never heard of it but I figure this may be a good place to ask to see if someone knows of them (or heard of them) before. Aside from some checking it seems to play ok and all the electronics work. I picked it up for a fair price ( I think) so just looking for more info. I'll see if I can upload some pictures of it. Someone helped out before when I was looking for info on a Martin J-65E I bought so here's another..




P.S. I've seen these style pickups before but (brain freeze) I forgot what they are??







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