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NFGD (New Free Guitar Day!!)

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:thu:With a catch:




so a friend of mine asked me to fix her guitar, an ibanez that was missing tuners and some other minor parts + needed to be re-wired. i did it for free cause i had the parts and was bored (and to be a good friend). so anyway, i took it over to her and she tells me to wait and run back inside, she comes out with this!






and says, "here just take it! the neck is cracked so it wont stay in tune. if you dont want it just throw it away. maybe you can use the parts?":eek: haha i didnt make her ask twice! its a little beat up and needs to be rewired, but i like it! no serial number, as it was sold outside the continental US so it never got Numbered:cry: any clue what model it is? gonna repair the neck tomorrow:thu::thu:

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Hey guys, well i did the neck repair last night but didnt get time to post, so here it is!! i rigged it up like this:




p.s. the board i clamped it to is my painting/test board so ignore my experiments!

one clamp to hold it down and one to gradually apply pressure to the headstock to open up the cracks. like so:




then i forced as much glue as i possibly could into the crack. i used a thin piece of plastic and a guitar string to get it in really deep. then i wiped the excess and when i took the pressure off, all the extra squeezed out:




then i clamped it tight and let it sit overnight. (its super humid here and i didnt wanna risk it moving) :




took off the clamp today when i got home from work. tried to flex the cracks open and its solid!:thu: next im gonna sand the finish off the back of the neck, sand the repair till its blended, then re-shoot the neck. :) stripped all the hardware and electronics off the body tonight. will probably re-wire it tomorrow and start cleaning it all up. the body and hardware are pretty filthy.:mad:

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