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Epiphone Dot?


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They are popular. I owned one in Cherry. I later traded it for a Sheraton II. Overall the Sheri is better... finished and looking. I upgraded the following:


- Nut (black graphite)

- Electrics - everything (pots/caps/switch etc)

- Pickups (SDs)

- Tuners

- Bridge and Stop Tail (tonepros)

- Knobs (gibson black hats)

- Pickguard (put a black 335 copy in 5 ply)

- Strap locks


Plus I had the Frets leveled/dressed when it was setup.


After all that it's a nice semi. You could do all of the above to a Dot if you were so inclined.

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Give me the good, the bad, and some pics!

I'm very close to buying one. I'd replace the pickups with GFS Fat Pats.

Really love the natural finish! Let's see em!


Why would you want to install shit pups in your new guitar?

Install the best and enjoy that puppy!

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I bought one about 2 years ago. Was really impressed with the construction for being made in china. The pickups were not the best part of the guitar though. The neck was muddy and the bridge was shrill sounding. I put a set of 57 Classics in it and I was amazed at how much of a difference it made. I mean it's not even close.


As far as going with the GFS pickups, I've heard plenty of praise for these pickups, but I put a set of the fat pafs into an LP copy about 4 years ago and it was a huge waste of time. The stock designed by duncan pickups sounded almost exactly the same if not better in that guitar.


So I am not saying to not try GFS, but you may want to look at other models he sells.


But if I was doing a pickup swap on a Dot I'd look at BG pickups, tonerider and of course Gibson as well.

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