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They come. They go. But this is as quality a group as it gets!! I'm finally down to 14...:facepalm:


Starting 5


Epiphone Riviera P3, Fecker Tele, Reverend Double Agent, Fender Deluxe Player Strat, Hagstrom Ultra Swede


Second Unit


Ibanez AFS75t, Peavey Gen Ex tele (BG pickups), Tradition JR, Fender MIJ Strat, Epiphone Slasher




Hagstrom Viking PII, SX SST57 P90, Squier 51, First Act Paul Westerberg

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Show us more of that
Epiphone Slasher

What's the story, morning glory?



Ahh that is just a crazy guitar. Ran into it at a local M&P and was surprised by it's rich full tone. Then I discovered it had on board effects. I thought... well how good could that be? But I find them very very useful and cool!










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Yeah, you're the guy that made me tear up about how Jay was a hero saving the world from overpriced guitars and whatnot with the Xavieres.




I still love Jay's guitars but when cutting down there are guitars that you can sell for as much or more than you paid for them and that has factored into my decisions as well. There are some people out there who got great deals on great Xaviere guitars from me!

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Tell me more about that white Strat!



Crazy sweet MIJ strat that was transformed into a Floyd trem and Gold Lace pickups sweetie!


The neck is super delicious and she's so great to play!



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