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Vibramate / Bigsby install question

S. Pliskin

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I'm installing a Vibramate V5 / Bigsby B5 on a Hagstrom Viking II Ultralux semi hollow body and the knurled bushings that the original stop tailpiece was mounted to are pulling out quite easily. Never had a problem or even had reason to notice this until the added leverage of the Bigsby was added. Should the knurled bushings have been glued into place? The holes are not oversized or stripped (you can see the ridges in the wood matching the serrations on the bushings) but the bushings will pull right out with the tailpiece studs screwed into them, let alone the affects of the Bigsby.


If some kind of glue or epoxy is called for, what is the recommended stuff to use? Aside from string changes and tuning machine replacement this is my first attempt at minor surgery and all would have gone well except for the unsecured bushings.



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